Baby Bump Chronicles in a Nut Shell: the second trimester

Weeks 13-15- I was still sick, but I dragged myself out of the house at some point to go to the beach. I was so proud of my baby bump even though there was barely anything there.  I thought I would be calling people for advice.  I had such horrible morning sickness that I completely isolated and relied on the Internet for all my information.  I still had my doubts that the baby was alive.  I kept that fear to myself. 


I did make it to my sister's wedding, where I spent most of the time in bed, being entertained my nieces and nephews.

Week 16- Another Dr's appointment, but no ultrasound.  I heard the heart beat, which made my own jump, again.  At least I knew the pregnancy was still viable.  I felt secure about it for roughly 10 minutes after I left the doctor's office.     

I started getting nervous about loving the baby so much.  My heart was in serious danger of being crushed, which was the most terrifying truth I had ever encountered.

I began to wonder whether this baby actually wanted to be born.  

Weeks 17 I went to see Belle and Sebastien with Greg, which is where I first felt the baby kicks.  I was relieved. I didn't have to agonize over whether it was alive. It would let me know. About 10 minutes after it started kicking, I wanted it to stop.   It really creeped me out. 

Weeks 18-19- Still barfing, but had more reprieves in between. 


Week 20- This was the happiest day of the pregnancy.  During the anatomy scan, we found out we were having a daughter and were shown a 3D image of her.  I cried so hard when I saw this...

We already knew her name would be Darla, which we had decided on four years prior when we were certain we didn't want kids. We celebrated by eating deep fried mac and cheese balls at the Cheese Cake Factory and looking at baby girl clothes.


Week 21- After looking at all the baby books out there, I decided to make one myself.  I bought a plane, black photo album, some fabric, Mod Podge and construction paper.  I spread the supplies out in front of me and immediately had an identity crisis.  I had never even signed my name on a birthday card, let alone crafted anything.  Greg was very proud of me that day for actually putting forth a sentimental effort.

Week 22- I started to feel that burst of energy everyone talked about.  Greg and I scrambled to plan our Baby Moon.

Week 23-We take a very last minute trip to San Francisco.  Aside from starting off the trip by falling on my tailbone and freaking out that I had hurt the baby, the trip was a perfect.  We walked everywhere, went to museums, ate at delicious restaurants and relaxed.  Basically, we did everything we wouldn't be able to do with a baby in tow.   During this trip, Greg proposed.  He had spent weeks hunting down the perfect ring while I was sick and cursing him for leaving me alone.  It was a very emotional, lovely evening.

We were starting to turn into a family.  Every day, it became more real.

Next step, get Greg a job.  I would be damned if Greg got to be a stay-at-home dad while I worked.  I, unfortunately, had become pregnant during a recession.  We had to have faith that he would become employed before she was born. 

Week 23- I wrote my first letter to baby Darla.  I was worried that the ultrasound tech saw it wrong (I had recently seen an episode of 90210 during which this happened) so I addressed it "Dear Baby" because you never know.

Week 24- It was Thanksgiving week and we went to San Diego to see my family.  I was surprised by myself for not eating that much.  Come to think of it, I ate the same amount throughout my pregnancy as I did before. I felt disappointed with myself, actually.

Week 25- I was still working full time and not showing.  I would tell people I was pregnant and they were surprised to hear I was six months.  I wished I were showing because then people might give me special treatment.

Greg and I realized that loft living in Downtown Los Angeles was completely out of the question.  We still had another year on our lease, so we began to work hard to get a renter in there ASAP.  With only four months until D-Day, it's iffy whether we will accomplish this.

Week 26- In my mind, the baby bump is starting to get huge.  I had no idea how much bigger it could get.

Week 27- I spent the week working in the day and cleaning at night.  I had offered to host the BabyCakes' holiday party at my house and I, also, wanted to make the loft look good enough to show in the hopes of getting it rented out.  I slept little, was constantly on my feet and lifted heavy things.  I knew that I should have been more careful.  The week ends with me having contractions and going to the doctor.  I experienced my first "stress test" to measure contractions.  The doctor told me to rest and drink water.  I couldn't believe I had jeopardized my daughter's health like that, but at least the loft looked good.

Week 28- My high school friends surprised me with my first of three showers.  Baby Darla was starting to accumulate some possessions.  It's around this time that we stopped taking pictures of my baby bump. The pregnancy had started to bore us.