The Joys of Coming From a Large Family

The biggest perk of being a part of a very large family is that every one of your needs can most likely be served by a sibling. Need help with your ganglion cyst? Just ask Suzi, she's an occupational therapist who happens to specialize in hands therapies. Did someone drain your bank account? Don't worry! Frank, the fraud specialist, will have it all squared away in no time. Need insurance? Ask half of your siblings if they can help. They all work in insurance.  Need a cake? Erin can make one for you in no time.

I'm continuously calling in favors from my older siblings. This last weekend, my sister Kathy came in and saved my house. For years we've been trying to figure out how to get our house not to look like shit. In a matter of hours, she had transformed it and turned into a place we actually want to be in.

We went from this:


To this:

I have endless gratitude for my family! (Although I will most definitely not be following in the footsteps of my mom. Two kids is about all I can handle. Sorry Dara and Jude. You guys are just going to have to get multiple degrees to make your life as fulfilling as mine).